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Scenario: A veteran project manager has an upcoming job interview. She is hoping to hone her interviewing skills and tells Gulfstream that she would like to focus on behavioral interviewing and the STAR method.

Solution: Utilizing Gulfstream's resource bank of over 200 behavioral interview questions obtained from real recruiters, the client is led through a mock interview. She receives feedback and is coached on her answers. After several 1:1 sessions, the client moves to virtual practice and records her answers to interview questions. Her answers are reviewed by her consultant and she receives detailed written feedback. At the end of working with Gulfstream, the client has developed the ability to convey to her potential employer during a behavioral interview that, based on her experience, she can efficiently manage recourse allocation, clearly define project specifications, smoothly coordinate work performed by her staff, and effectively track project progress.


Scenario: A recent graduate has their job offer rescinded due to COVID-19. The graduate is disappointed because the offer that they previously accepted was their dream job in a city where they had always wanted to live.

Solution: Gulfstream discusses what industries the client is interested in, what their short and long term goals are, and the regions in which the client is willing to work. Using this information, Gulfstream identifies a list of 12 companies that are hiring that fit her criteria. Gulfstream and the client will target these companies in their application process. Included in the 12 companies are highly competitive, competitive, and less competitive options in terms of their application to hire ratio. The client compiles a list of connections that could be tapped to increase their chances of securing a job at these 12 companies. Using a hybrid of both "cold applications" (applying online to a company without a connection) and leveraging her personal connections to get her foot in the door, the client enters the interview stage of her job search.


Scenario: A sales executive would like to refresh his LinkedIn profile, but feels he does not have the time or capabilities to make it truly great.

Solution: Gulfstream provides a high-quality banner photo for his profile that is relevant to his industry. Further the client's previously outdated career headline is updated, the void of his formerly empty summary section is filled with a concise elevator pitch, the skills section of his profile is filled in with his strongest skills, typos are corrected, and the experience section is edited to ensure consistent formatting throughout his profile.


Scenario: An international student is approaching graduation from a selective undergraduate mechanical engineering program. He is unsure of whether he wants to pursue a mechanical engineering position or use his critical thinking skills in other sectors such as consulting or finance. The student has not requested any letters of recommendation and is unsure of the protocol to request letters.

Solution: Gulfstream administers several assessments including Myers-Briggs "Strong Interest Inventory." The results are discussed with the client to help him develop a clearer picture of what careers would be a good fit. Next, the client's resume is revised to smooth out minor grammatical errors due to English being the client's second language. Then, Gulfstream identifies companies in each sector the client is interested in that offer work visa sponsorship. Lastly, Gulfstream and the client identify three professors the client will request letters of recommendation from and discuss the protocol for requesting a letter of recommendation.

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